Featured Artist/Entrepreneur


Antonique “GiShotz” Barkley, a native Baltimorian, created “GiShotz” as a result of her three passions photography, film-making and mixology. GiShotz are fresh fruit and herb infused elixirs. Each GiShotz recipe is created and handcrafted by Antonique using the freshest ingredients. GiShotz come in an array of flavors Ambition (lemon and ginger), Strawbae (strawberry and basil), Escape’ (pineapple and mango). There are even GiShotz for kids (Aunt Gi-Gi’s fruit punch, Aloe me and Indigo) also made with fresh fruit. Antonique loves nature and studies the healing properties of each ingredient. GiShotz not only make you feel good, but they are good to you. Antonique has always had a love for fine food and spirits which stem from her days of working in local restaurants and specialty grocery stores. Antonique always knew she wanted to be her own boss and do things her way. She has a love for her community and can be found at many community events. Antonique can still be found behind the lens of a camera capturing the candid moments of the community and nature. 

 Get Familiar Instagram: @Gi_shotz59