Featured Entrepreneur

Dannette started as a consultant for "Paparazzi " because she loved the jewelry so much.  Her friends convinced her to join, and she decided to join as a consultant, for the extra  income.  Danette became serious about her business and eventually started "Dannette's Designs". All affordable pieces, and also stylish, Dannette decided to expand her business. Being a success with her  jewelry, from doing lives on Facebook. She is ready to eventually retire and work full time as an entrepreneur. Dannette's Designs has now became "Dannette's Boutique" in Iverson Mall! Danette is a fulltime wife and a mother.

"Fat Daddy's Lemonade"

Fat Daddy is 10 years old and has a twin sister, he also plays football 301 Bradywine Sports League. He was inspired by assisting his mom Danette with her jewelry business. Fat Daddy started his business not to long after. Fat Daddy Lemonade's have been growing stronger with 16 different flavors. 

Get familiar with this Month of January entrepreneur! 

Contact # (301) 395-5213

Website:  www.divadannett.com



Mike Evenn live "Freestyle" The Vmix Radio Show w/ Host Miss VEE

Artist Spotlight-Mike Evenn "Freestyle" live on The VMix Radio #thevmixradio #The3amtape

Play wright "Give me Moonlight"


Noah Silas-Director born & raised in Baltimore, Maryland.

Get to know the  Director of "Give me Moonlight" his website is (noahsilas.net



Rapid Lemon Productions debut is set to launch this 2020 season with first presentation playwright written by Ariel Mitchell "Give me Moonlight".
Rapid Lemon Productions website (rapidlemon.com)   

Coming to the Motor House 120 W. North Ave. Baltimore, MD. This February on the 7th, 8th 10th 13th, 14th & 15th, 2020. For more information & Tickets call 443-832-8178.