Get Familiar Vol. One

Artist & Tracks

 *Commercials (The Intro, Roqstone, Flyistpeach, Mirrorlighthouse) Beats are by Producer MsTris Beats 

*Mixed By DJ Diamond K 

  1. The intro with DJ Diamond
  2. Veli Smallz "You Dont Know"  x PorkChop x Gully Black
  3. Ashley Sierra "Wayment"
  4. The Mighty Third Eye "Commas"
  5. Jamal G "Flight from Paris"
  6. Damond Blue "Ride" ft Money Bagg Yo
  7. Don Dawson "Windows" x Daez
  8. Mani Marino " F It Up"
  9. Tah Scola " Tonight" x Don Trunk
  10. Jerzey Shawn "Changed"
  11. Producer BJR "Ride" ft Benni Harding
  12. Faame "Never Grow Up"
  13. Ellis "Gimme My Cash" x  Stan Green x Legin
  14. Greenspan "Cool or Whatever" x Breezay
  15. Eze Jackson "Un-Apologetically Black"
  16. DP The Emcee "12 Year Wonder" 

*Names in bold are the artist that featured on  The Vmix Radio.