Artist & Tracks Volume One

 *Commercials (The Intro, Roqstone, Flyistpeach, Mirrorlighthouse) Beats are by Producer MsTris Beats 

*Mixed By DJ Diamond K 

  1. The intro with DJ Diamond
  2. Veli Smallz "You Dont Know"  x PorkChop x Gully Black
  3. Ashley Sierra "Wayment"
  4. The Mighty Third Eye "Commas"
  5. Jamal G "Flight from Paris"
  6. Damond Blue "Ride" ft Money Bagg Yo
  7. Don Dawson "Windows" x Daez
  8. Mani Marino " F It Up"
  9. Tah Scola " Tonight" x Don Trunk
  10. Jerzey Shawn "Changed"
  11. Producer BJR "Ride" ft Benni Harding
  12. Faame "Never Grow Up"
  13. Ellis "Gimme My Cash" x  Stan Green x Legin
  14. Greenspan "Cool or Whatever" x Breezay
  15. Eze Jackson "Un-Apologetically Black"
  16. DP The Emcee "12 Year Wonder" 

*Names in bold are the artist that featured on  The Vmix Radio. 

Artist & Tracks Volume Two


+Names in bold are the artist that featured on my show (the Vmix).

+Song tracks are in  " "

1.  Ddm "He Say She Say”

2.  Jamaal Bethea "Bank"

3.  VIP Gutter "Fresh Out"

4.  Veli Smallz "Irregular"

5.  Producer BJR "Spirit" feat K. Holloway

6.  Plex Posse  “Giving Up”

7.  Mike Evenn " Magic"

8.  Mike Evenn "Kiwi”

9.  Oniy1 Theory "That Work"

10. Icon "Stranger Things"

11. Ashley Sierra "Dripping"

12. Vip Gutter "Chemistry” x Ju Ju

13. J Esquire Sexy Wit It

14. KoJo "Working Harder Than Everybody" x

15. Producer DJ KidKing "Look like yesterday”

16. George GambinoForever Mines

 17. Live x Dj Reddz "Need GOD"